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Learn about common male fertility tests that can help diagnose factors contributing to infertility, including preliminary and more advanced male fertility tests. Find out how these different types of male fertility testing tools can help you discover the right infertility treatment.

Preliminary Tests
Find information on a variety of preliminary male fertility tests, including semen analysis tests and immunobead tests.

Advanced Tests
Learn about advanced tests that can help diagnose male infertility, such as sperm penetration tests and testicular biopsy testing.

Coping with Male Fertility Testing
Get advice on coping with fertility testing, including how to prepare for your first fertility consultation and how to stay healthy during the testing process.

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Find information on types of female fertility testing methods that can help you and your partner conceive. You’ll find information on both preliminary and advanced female infertility tests, including ultrasound scanning, post-coital testing and hysteroscopy testing, and how these tests can help you in your journey towards pregnancy.

Preliminary Tests
Learn about preliminary female fertility tests, such as blood hormone level tests, and how they can help to diagnose common causes of female fertility problems.

Advanced Tests
Find out about advanced female fertility tests that can help provide a more comprehensive understanding of fertility problems, including a day 3 inhibin B test.

Coping with Female Fertility Testing
Discover tips on how to cope with female fertility testing, such as taking care of your health and preparing for your first fertility appointment.

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Get information on at home fertility tests and learn how these tools can help you diagnose fertility at home. Here, you can learn about both at home male and female fertility tests, including sperm count tests and ovulation predictor tests, that can bring you closer to conception.

Male Home Fertility Tests
Find out about common types of at home male fertility tests, including sperm motility tests, which can help assess sperm health and overall fertility.

Female Home Fertility Tests
Discover female fertility tests that you can use at home in order to monitor your fertility, including basal temperature tests and cervical mucus tests.

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For couples trying to conceive, the cost of infertility treatment can sometimes be an unexpected burden. This is what makes becoming aware of the financial aspect of fertility treatment so important. In this section, you will find information on the cost of fertility tests as well as common infertility treatment fees, so that you can be on your way to financing your journey towards getting pregnant.

Male Fertility Test Costs
Find out what types of fees may be involved in the process of male infertility treatment. Articles in this section provide information about common male fertility test costs.

Female Fertility Test Costs
The costs of female fertility testing range from preliminary costs to advanced female fertility test fees. Find out what to expect during this phase of fertility treatment.

Financing Fertility
This section provides tips and resources for couples looking to finance fertility treatment. Find out about financial planning and funding resources that may be available.

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When it comes to infertility, there are a variety of underlying conditions that may affect a couple’s chances of getting pregnant. Fertility testing can often provide a diagnosis of infertility. In this section, couples can find answers and gain a better understanding of some common fertility problems affecting both male and female fertility.

Female Fertility
Find information on problems that may be affecting female fertility. Articles in this section provide insight into the symptoms, causes and treatments of some common fertility problems.

Male Fertility
Male factor infertility accounts for approximately 35% of infertility cases among couples. Find out what some of the common diagnoses are when it comes to male infertility.

Pregnancy Loss
Pregnancy loss is a devastating experience for most couples. This section provides answers to some common concerns related to pregnancy loss.

Lifestyle and Fertility
Lifestyle factors can significantly affect reproductive health. In this section, find out how some of these common factors may contribute to infertility.

Coping with Infertility
Infertility is often an emotional and stressful time. Articles in this section can provide information and support for couples experiencing infertility.

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If you've been clinically diagnosed with a fertility problem, you know how overwhelming infertility treatment options can be. From assisted reproductive technology and IVF to acupuncture and aromatherapy, there are many different kinds of treatments available. But which ones are right for you? Get answers by reading the comprehensive information provided in this section.

Natural Methods
Alternative infertility treatments are becoming increasingly popular, as more couples explore natural methods of conceiving. But are they effective?

Fertility Drugs
Fertility drugs can help to maximize a couple’s chances of conceiving. Learn more about their success rates, as well as any possible side effects.

Assisted Reproductive Technology
Getting pregnant naturally is not always an option. When there’s something in the way, assisted reproductive technology (or ART) may be recommended.

Surrogacy and Donors
For some couples, the options of surrogate mothers and sperm donors can create opportunities that would otherwise not be possible. Find out if they might work for you..

Considering adopting a child? Adoption can be rewarding, but the process requires a lot of thought. Learn about what’s involved, and the options available.

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When you think you might be pregnant, it can be difficult to think about anything else - which is why most of us turn to a pregnancy test for the answer. But which ones are the most reliable? In this section you’ll find out which tests are best, and what steps to take after a positive result.

Pregnancy Tests
Which pregnancy test will give me the best result? Find out the answer, plus get information on pregnancy signs and symptoms.

Positive Results
A positive pregnancy test is a cause for celebration – but for those who’ve experienced infertility, the moment may be one of uncertainty. Learn how to cope with these emotions.

Prenatal Care
Now that you’re pregnant, there’s a lot to think about. Selecting a health care professional is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make. MD or midwife, the best choice is an informed one.

Prenatal Testing
Regular testing is a part of any healthy pregnancy. Understanding the options available is a great way to prevent any complications later on.

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