Infertility Treatment

If you've been clinically diagnosed with a fertility problem, you know how overwhelming infertility treatment options can be. From assisted reproductive technology and IVF to acupuncture and aromatherapy, there are many different kinds of treatments available.

But which ones are right for you? Get answers by reading the comprehensive information provided in this section.


Natural Methods

Alternative infertility treatments are becoming increasingly popular, as more couples explore natural methods of conceiving. But are they effective?


Fertility Drugs

Fertility drugs can help to maximize a couple�s chances of conceiving. Learn more about their success rates, as well as any possible side effects.


Assisted Reproductive Technology

Getting pregnant naturally is not always an option. When there�s something in the way, assisted reproductive technology (or ART) may be recommended.


Surrogacy and Donors

For some couples, the options of surrogate mothers and sperm donors can create opportunities that would otherwise not be possible. Find out if they might work for you.



Considering adopting a child? Adoption can be rewarding, but the process requires a lot of thought. Learn about what�s involved, and the options available.