Male Infertility Test Costs: Preliminary Tests

Determining the total cost of infertility treatment can be difficult, and largely depends on the type of fertility diagnosis that is involved. Often, a fertility clinic will offer a total fee for one complete cycle of infertility treatment including the cost of fertility tests. This fee will typically include the cost of fertility consultation, initial fertility test costs such as blood tests and semen analysis, as well as fertility drugs and treatment.

The cost of male fertility tests and infertility treatment can significantly differ from one clinic to the other, and this is particularly true of private fertility clinics. This makes it extremely important to ask several clinics about what their exact fees are, and which costs are covered if a complete fertility cycle price package is offered.

Private Infertility Treatment Cost

It is important to ask about exactly what is included in the price of any infertility treatment plan, as fertility clinics will differ and you will need to look around. A single cycle of fertility treatment can range between £800 and £4,500 with an average cost of £2,000 to £3,000. This price may include the cost of fertility drugs and consultations with a specialist. However, this may not include the cost of additional procedures that may be offered such as the freezing and storage of sperm.

Other estimates have placed the average cost of one cycle of infertility treatment - in this case, IVF treatment - at a rate of £4,000 to £8,000.

Male Fertility Test Costs: Consultation Fees

The initial tests required in order to diagnose the cause of male infertility will often involve the consultation fees in addition to the costs of fertility testing:

  • Initial Consultation: An initial consultation will typically last about 45 minutes. A typical cost of this consultation is £160 and a full payment deposit may be required in advance
  • Follow-Up Consultation: A follow-up consultation typically lasts about 30 minutes at a cost of £95
  • Tests Results Review: If there is a fee for this appointment, it can be around £48
  • Additional Counselling: Additional consultations may require extra fees if they are not included in the total cost of treatment. These can cost about £72

Male Infertility Testing: Semen Analysis Test

The first fertility test commonly performed in order to diagnose the cause of male infertility is the semen analysis test. Any problems affecting sperm shape (morphology), sperm movement (motility), or sperm count will require a semen analysis test.

A basic semen analysis test can cost approximately £100. However an advanced semen analysis test using rapid centrifugal analysis (RCA) will cost approximately £350 or more.

Fertility test costs vary, and this is an important factor to consider when choosing a fertility clinic. Nonetheless, these prices can serve as a guide to gain a better sense of some male fertility test costs for couples trying to conceive.