Female Home Fertility Tests – Ovarian Reserve Test

A home fertility test used to detect irregularities in ovulation, an ovarian reserve test can help to diagnose female fertility problems and as such is a helpful diagnostic tool that can assist your fertility specialist in determining the best infertility treatment options for you.

At Home Ovarian Reserve Test Procedure

At home ovarian reserve tests determine a woman’s ovarian reserve. Ovarian reserve comprises both the quantity of the ovarian reserve (the number of eggs present in the ovaries) as well as the quality (the readiness and ability of the eggs to be fertilized). Egg quality means that the eggs have a healthy shape and structure, as well as healthy chromosomes in order to produce an embryo that may be fertilized and result in pregnancy.

In addition, some of these female home fertility tests help to predict a woman’s future ovarian reserve and as such are important in planning conception as well as diagnosing fertility problems.

How Does a Home Ovarian Reserve Test Work?
An ovarian reserve test functions by detecting levels of hormones in the body, specifically, levels of follicle simulating hormone (FSH), Inhibin B and anti-mullerein hormone (AMH). These hormones all play a central role in ovulation.

As menopause approaches, a woman’s FSH levels rise, while levels of Inhibin B and AMH drop. An ovarian reserve test plots the levels of these three female hormones on a graph in order to determine future ovarian reserve as well as to determine whether a woman has a low ovarian reserve and whether this is the cause of fertility problems.

This at home female fertility test is typically used in conjunction with preliminary female fertility tests, such as blood tests, which include inhibin B testing, so as to make an accurate diagnosis.

How Do I Use an At Home Ovarian Reserve Exam?
An ovarian reserve exam is taken on day three of a woman’s menstrual cycle. The test uses a urine sample that assesses hormone levels and reads these results so that a woman can predict her fertility.

How Much Does An At Home Ovarian Reserve Test Cost?
An at home ovarian reserve exam can be quite expensive; in fact, this home female fertility test is one of the more expensive options when it comes to predicting your fertility at home.

On average, an ovarian reserve test kit costs £200.