Female Fertility Test Costs: Initial Testing

Undergoing preliminary testing for female fertility can involve different types of fees including initial consultation fees and female fertility test costs such as blood tests and ultrasounds. While there are some financial resources that couples trying to conceive can turn to - such as infertility insurance - for those who opt for private fertility care, it may be useful to get a sense of just what the costs of female fertility tests might include.

Private Fertility Treatment: What to Expect

When determining the costs of female fertility tests, it is important to remember that these prices can vary significantly, and will largely depend on the fertility clinic that you have chosen. Some private fertility clinics will offer a total price for one complete cycle of infertility treatment, such as IVF. In these cases, it is important to check exactly what types of infertility procedures are covered by this cost. For instance, it is important to inquire about initial consultations, fertility tests costs, fertility drugs and other forms of infertility treatments prices, and any additional fees such as the cost of freezing or storage that may apply.

Costs of Female Fertility Tests

Before any infertility treatment can begin, it is important to get an appropriate fertility diagnosis that will determine the types of fertility problems that need to be addressed. For women, the first step towards this process of getting pregnant when having difficulties trying to conceive is receiving a diagnosis.

The first step in the process of determining a female fertility problem is seeking consultation. Consultations may be required throughout the process of infertility treatment from the initial meeting of a fertility specialist, to the appointments following infertility treatment.

These various fertility test costs can include the following typical fees:

  • Initial Consultation: £160
  • Follow-up Consultation: £95
  • Test Results Review: £48
  • Additional Counselling: £72

Female Fertility: Diagnostic Procedures

Some of the earliest female fertility test costs that you will have to consider are those involving preliminary diagnostic tests. A simple blood test will typically be required and likely cost around £40. Ultrasounds are another common female fertility test involved in these initial stages. The cost of this type of fertility testing may include the following average fees:

  • Ultrasound Scan: £130
  • Ultrasound Scan by Doctor: £179
  • Ultrasound Scan (Colour Doppler): £193
  • Follow-up Ultrasound Scan (Colour Doppler): £126
  • Ultrasound Scan by Doctor (Colour Doppler): £247
  • Follow-up Ultrasound Scan by Doctor (Colour Doppler): £184

The type of female fertility tests that will be performed, as well as the costs of female fertility tests will often depend on the recommendations as well as the types of services offered at you fertility clinic.

Other diagnostic procedures that may be offered to determine female fertility problems can include the following:

  • 3D Aquascan: £210
  • 3D HysteroContrastSalpingography (HyCoSy): £325
  • Hysterosalpingogram (HSG): £342
  • Antral Follicle Count: £250
  • Intensive Cycle Monitoring: £475

Financing fertility treatment can be a difficult task. It is always important to do your research and find out what types of resources might be available for you when trying to conceive.