Fertility Issues

When it comes to infertility, there are a variety of underlying conditions that may affect a couple’s chances of getting pregnant. Fertility testing can often provide a diagnosis of infertility. But, what happens once your tests are done and your doctor comes back with a cause for why you are having trouble getting pregnant?  What do you do now?

In this section on Fertility Issues, couples can find answers to their fertility questions and gain a better understanding of some common fertility problems affecting both male and female fertility.  By learning more about the conditions that may be affecting your ability to get pregnant, you will be better prepared for the road ahead and for how to treat any problems you may have with your fertility.

Female Fertility

Find information on problems that may be affecting female fertility. Articles in this section provide insight into the symptoms, causes and treatments of some common fertility problems.

Male Fertility

Male factor infertility accounts for approximately 35% of infertility cases among couples. Find out what some of the common diagnoses are when it comes to male infertility.

Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy loss is a devastating experience for most couples. This section provides answers to some common concerns related to pregnancy loss.

Lifestyle and Fertility

Lifestyle factors can significantly affect reproductive health. In this section, find out how some of these common factors may contribute to infertility.

Coping with Infertility

Infertility is often an emotional and stressful time. Articles in this section can provide information and support for couples experiencing infertility.

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