Male Fertility Tests

Here in our section dedicated to male fertility tests, we hope to take the fear out of your doctor and clinic visits. The more you know about the procedures and tests that lay ahead the less you will worry about what the doctor will do to you. For example, did you know that male fertility tests are normally very simple and unobtrusive procedures and that whenever a couple is having trouble conceiving, doctors always recommend testing the male partner first because the tests are so easy to do? It all suddenly seems a little less scary now isn't it?

Read ahead and learn about some of the most common male fertility tests that can help diagnose factors contributing to infertility, including preliminary and more advanced male fertility tests, such as semen analysis and acrosome reaction test. Find out how these different types of male fertility testing tools can help you discover the right infertility treatment.

Preliminary Tests

Find information on a variety of preliminary male fertility tests, including semen analysis tests and immunobead tests. Also check out our other articles on different fertility tests conducted on males and on the variety of fertility testing available. These are the tests you may need to undergo to understand why conceiving a child is difficult. Learn more today so that you will be prepared for what lays ahead.

Advanced Tests

Learn about advanced tests that can help diagnose male infertility, such as sperm penetration tests and testicular biopsy testing. A DNA fragmentation test may also be called for. Find out more about these advanced forms of testing for male fertility and about why some males need such testing while most others do not.

Coping with Male Fertility Testing

Get advice on coping with fertility testing, including how to prepare for your first fertility consultation and how to stay healthy during the testing process. Also get advice about male fears and fertility and find out more about how men deal with fertility testing. Unfortunately, male infertility is becoming more and more common. In fact, almost half of all fertility problems today are caused by male fertility factors. Check out our entire site to learn more about this increasing problem with male fertility and also learn more about various treatments, procedures, drugs lifestyle changes, and natural remedies you can try to help improve your fertility.