Coping with Infertility

Going through infertility or difficulty trying to conceive can be a stressful, emotional, and overwhelming time. Fortunately there are many resources that couples trying to get pregnant can turn to in order to get the support they need when going through the emotions of infertility.

One of the most important coping strategies that couples can use is to work together on the journey to fertility. Indeed, regular communication, setting optimistic and realistic goals, and ensuring a healthy relationship among partners will not only benefit the relationship in the future, but will also ensure each partner's overall wellbeing during this difficult time.

Support From Family, Friends or Therapists

Family and friends can be an important source of support for couples trying to get pregnant. However, it may also be useful to speak to others who have experienced difficulties getting pregnant or who are going through similar problems trying to conceive as well. There are many fertility support groups, including online resources, that can help couples coping with fertility problems. Some individuals may prefer professional counseling or therapy when coping with infertility.

Pregnancy Loss And Depression

Some couples going through infertility may experience pregnancy loss - a fertility issue that is accompanied by its own set of emotions such as grief, anger and depression. Pregnancy loss or miscarriage can have a devastating effect on individuals and their relationship with their partners. Although not as widely acknowledged, the relationship between men and miscarriage can be an emotional and stressful one; however, there are some coping strategies that both partners can adopt in order to deal with the grief of miscarriage and pregnancy loss.