Male Fertility Test Costs

Financial considerations are often one of the most important concerns for couples who are trying to get pregnant, and for those who require a fertility diagnosis in order to receive infertility treatment. Just as there is a wide variety of male fertility tests, the cost of male fertility tests can range significantly, and largely depends on the type of fertility testing that is performed.

Preliminary fertility test costs tend to be the least expensive. These can include preliminary male home fertility tests, as well as initial fertility tests such as a semen analysis or immunobead testing. It is also important to consider some of the hidden fees of the fertility test process such as consultation fees, hospital fees, and male fertility screening costs.

Some of the more advanced male fertility tests involve specialized diagnostic procedures and will likely be more expensive. These male fertility tests can include a testicular biopsy, a sperm penetration test and an acrosome reaction test.

It is important to consider what type of health practitioner or fertility specialist an individual chooses in order to assist with fertility health. This also includes choosing a fertility clinic that's right for you, and taking cost into consideration at each point of the process.