Female Home Fertility Tests – Ovulation Predictor Test

An ovulation predictor test is another at home female fertility testing tool that can be used to supplement more comprehensive types of female fertility testing in order to establish the causes of your fertility problems. As such, an ovulation predictor test can help to establish what types of infertility treatment would be best for you in order to improve your chances of getting pregnant.

At Home Ovulation Predictor Test

A home ovulation predictor test is a very popular female fertility test. These tests are available both as online ovulation predictor tests as well as at your local pharmacy.

Ovulation predictor tests can help you establish when ovulation will be occurring. Because a woman is most fertile at the time of ovulation, planning intercourse during ovulation increases a couple’s chances of getting pregnant.

This female home fertility test is also helpful in establishing whether you have menstrual cycle abnormalities that can be affecting your reproductive health and therefore hindering conception.

How Does A Home Ovulation Predictor Test Work?
Ovulation predictors work by measure levels of luitenizing hormone (LH) present in the urine. Luitenizing hormones stimulate the ovaries so that each month, an egg is released. This hormone is released by the pituitary gland.

Twenty four to 48 hours prior to the onset of ovulation, the levels of luitenizing hormone in a woman’s bloodstream surge.

One limitation of ovulation predictor tests is that while ovulation can be determined, the test does not distinguish between whether ovulation is beginning or ending. As such, you should perform 1 to 2 ovulation predictor tests daily over a period of several days in order to accurately detect what stage of ovulation your body is in.

How Do I Use An At Home Ovulation Predictor?
In order to use this home female fertility test, place the test strip into your urine sample. Alternatively, you may hold the test strip under the urine stream while you are urinating. The test strip signals that you are ovulating by changing color when it comes into contact with luitenizing hormones.

More sophisticated ovulation predictor tests have an electronic format; these fertility tests read the test strip for you using a monitor. However, these electronic ovulation predictors are more expensive.

How Much Does An At Home Ovulation Predictor Test Cost?

Ovulation tests cost approximately £10 to £25 per kit.

However, electronic ovulation predictor kits cost on average a few hundred pounds. This does not include the cost of test strips.