Male Home Fertility Tests

In addition to fertility tests conducted at your fertility clinic, male home fertility tests are important tools to diagnosing the causes of male fertility problems. As such, male home fertility testing kits can help to identify conditions causing infertility and help your fertility specialist determine what types of infertility treatment methods are most effective for you.

In the Comfort Of Your Own Home

Many men may find it difficult to provide a sample of semen while in a doctor's office or clinic.  It may help to take the stress out of infertility testing by remaining in the comfort of your own home.  There are many at home male fertility tests you can try and these tests work almost as well as semen analysis tests in a doctor's office.  Find out more about how you can conduct some of the preliminary male fertility tests at home.

Sperm Count

One such test for assessing male fertility at home is a sperm count test. A sperm count test measures both the amount of sperm as well as the concentration of sperm found in a man�s semen. This test involves collecting a semen sample and can help your fertility specialist determine whether low sperm count is contributing to infertility.

Sperm Motility

Furthermore, a sperm motility test determines the ability of a man�s sperm to penetrate his partner�s cervical mucus. In order for conception to occur, a certain amount of sperm must pass through the cervical mucus so as to fertilize the egg. As such, determining how many sperm are able to successfully swim through the cervical mucus and into the uterus is central to identifying sperm health problems that may be contributing to a couple�s fertility problems so that they may undergo the necessary infertility treatment in order to be successful in getting pregnant.