Male Home Fertility Tests – Sperm Motility Tests

A sperm motility test is another at-home male fertility test that can help to detect sperm motility problems that can be the contributing factor of male fertility problems. As such, this home fertility test can be an integral supplement to more advanced male fertility tests conducted by your fertility specialist. In addition, a sperm motility test can help establish the form of fertility treatment that is most suited to your individual case.

Sperm Motility Test Procedure

Sperm motility refers to the ability of the sperm to pass through a woman’s cervical mucus in order to fertilize the egg so that conception may occur.

A sperm motility test is a male home infertility test that evaluates the ability of sperm to penetrate the cervical mucus; in order for an egg to be successfully fertilized, sperm must be able to swim through a woman’s cervix and penetrate the cervical mucus. Therefore, an at home sperm motility test can help to provide supplementary information to such tests as a sperm penetration test.

How Does A Sperm Motility Test Work?
In a sperm motility test, sperm is made to swim through a special barrier that is designed to replicate the cervical mucus. This at home fertility test evaluates not only the ability of the sperm to travel through the barrier, but also the number of sperm cells that can successfully do so.

How Do I Use An At Home Sperm Motility Test?
In order to use a sperm motility test, you must first produce a semen sample. The sample must then be placed inside the sperm motility test kit’s main compartment. Next, press the test’s activation button; this will start the analysis of sperm motility.

It will take one hour for the test results to become available. After this time, the test results will inform you as to whether a healthy amount of sperm were able to successfully pass through the barrier.

Sperm motility that ranges from between 40% to 60% is considered to be a healthy range, while results below this level are indicative of sperm motility problems, which can lead to male infertility.

How Much Does An At Home Sperm Motility Test Cost?
An at home kit for testing sperm motility costs on average £80. This can be compared to other male fertility test costs.