Female Home Fertility Tests – Cervical Mucus Test

A cervical mucus test is an at home female fertility test that can help to assess factors contributing to female fertility problems, particularly with regard to ovulation. As such, this female home fertility test can play an important role in the diagnosis of female fertility issues as well as in determining the best options with regard to female infertility treatment.

At Home Cervical Mucus Test Procedure

A cervical mucus test can help to assess any ovulatory irregularities by monitoring changes in a woman’s cervical mucus. This is because a woman’s cervical mucus changes in both texture and consistency throughout her menstrual cycle.

Just prior to ovulation, the cervical mucus becomes thin and stretchy in order to make conception easier, namely, to allow the sperm to travel more easily through the cervix and cervical mucus in order to fertilize the egg. Alternatively, a woman’s cervical mucus is white and thick during the less fertile periods of her menstrual cycle.

How Does A Home Cervical Mucus Test Work?
This type of female home infertility test uses a saliva sample in order to detect changes in the cervical mucus. This is because changes in a woman’s saliva correspond with cervical mucus changes.

Some cervical mucus tests function by evaluating how the saliva sample dries; if the sample dries in a fern-like pattern, this indicates that ovulation will soon be occurring. Other cervical mucus tests are electronic; these home fertility tests function by reading the electrolytes that are present in the saliva, which change at the onset of ovulation.

How Do I Use An At Home Cervical Mucus Test?
For cervical mucus tests, the saliva sample is placed on the provided slide. The sample is then analyzed under a microscope provided in the cervical mucus test kit. If the sample has dried in a fern-like pattern, this indicates that ovulation is about to begin.

If you are using an electronic cervical mucus test, a special probe similar to a thermometer is used to obtain the saliva sample. You will insert the probe into your mouth and it will measure the electrolytes present in your saliva so as to obtain information regarding the consistency and texture of your cervical mucus. This will establish whether the cervical mucus is in fact thinning, signaling the onset of ovulation.

How Much Does An At Home Cervical Mucus Test?
On average, a standard at home cervical mucus test costs £15. However, electronic at home mucus tests cost up to £100.

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