Female Fertility Tests

If your partner has been given the all clear and no male fertility factors have been found, then it is time to move on to female fertility tests. Doctors often leave female fertility tests for last because they are a bit more intrusive than male fertility tests and can sometimes be more uncomfortable for the patient. However, over 50% of fertility problems can be traced to female fertility factors so it is important that you don't put off these tests if you are hoping to have a baby but have been unable to conceive naturally after over a year of trying. Have you ever wondered, "how can I test my hormone levels?" Well you can find health centers online that can help to find the source of infertility through the process of hormone level testing.

Fertility Testing

Find information on types of female fertility testing methods that can help you and your partner conceive. Here in our section about female fertility tests, you'll find information on both preliminary and advanced female infertility tests, including ultrasound scanning, post-coital testing and hysteroscopy testing, and how these tests can help you in your journey towards pregnancy.

Preliminary Tests

Learn about preliminary female fertility tests, such as blood hormone level tests, and how they can help to diagnose common causes of female fertility problems. Also learn more about estradiol testing, FSH testing and progesterone testing. Most of these tests are relatively unobtrusive and require just a small blood sample. However, these tests can be very telling and may help your doctor easily pinpoint the cause of your fertility problem.

Advanced Tests

Find out about advanced female fertility tests that can help provide a more comprehensive understanding of fertility problems, including a day 3 inhibin B test. Also check out our articles on leukocyte antibody testing, hysteroscopy, sonohysterogram, laparoscopy, anti-nuclear antibody test, and anti-ovarian antibody test. The more you know about these many fertility tests the less scary they will seem.

Coping with Female Fertility Testing

Discover tips on how to cope with female fertility testing, such as taking care of your health and preparing for your first fertility appointment. Also check out our articles on strategies for dealing with infertility testing and how to accept this difficult stage in your reproductive life. Coping well is part of the fertility battle as new research has shown that high levels of stress can actually hinder fertility. Find out more about how to cope and relax while undergoing stressful fertility testing.