Fertility Test Costs

For couples trying to conceive, the cost of infertility treatment can sometimes be an unexpected burden. This is what makes becoming aware of the financial aspect of fertility treatment so important.

In this section, you will find information on the cost of fertility tests as well as common infertility treatment fees, so that you can be on your way to financing your journey towards getting pregnant.


Male Fertility Test Costs

Find out what types of fees may be involved in the process of male infertility treatment. Articles in this section provide information about common male fertility test costs.  Get information on the different costs for preliminary fertility testing as well as for advance fertility testing.


Female Fertility Test Costs

The costs of female fertility testing range from preliminary costs to advanced female fertility test fees. Find out what to expect during this phase of fertility treatment.  Preparing for financing fertility treatments can be tricky.  Learn more today about what you may be up against.


Financing Fertility

This section provides tips and resources for couples looking to finance fertility treatment. Find out about financial planning and funding resources that may be available like NHS funding.  Discover how you can help to pay for your fertility costs.