Advanced Male Fertility Tests

Advanced fertility tests for men represent a more comprehensive option when assessing the cause of male fertility problems. These tests involve more precise diagnostic procedures and as such can help to determine the most effective path of male infertility treatment so as to improve you and your partner's ability to conceive.


One such advanced male infertility test is a testicular biopsy. A testicular biopsy involves a minor surgical procedure, which can be performed either at a fertility clinic or in a hospital setting. This test can play an important role in the process of male fertility testing as it helps to assess for such male fertility problems as low sperm production as well as irregularities with regard to sperm maturation. Your doctor may recommend this test only after determining during a preliminary semen analysis test that you may have a problem with sperm production. This will not be a test that your doctor chooses to start off with when trying to determine the cause of any male fertility problems.

More Advanced Tests

In addition, a sperm penetration test is another advanced male infertility test. This test evaluates the ability of the sperm to penetrate the cervical mucous, which is central to conception. An acrosome reaction test is an integral component of sperm penetration testing. While this test is designed to evaluate sperm performance, it can also be used to assess general sperm health and provide information regarding what type of fertility treatment is best suited for your needs.

What Next

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