Female Fertility Tests Cost Comparison

When a couple goes for fertility testing, a semen analysis is usually, but not always, what it takes to determine whether or not the infertility problem originates with the man. Testing to assess female fertility is not quite as simple, because there so many ways in which a woman can suffer from reduced fertility.

If a woman has opted for fertility testing and treatment at a private fertility clinic, she and her partner can expect to spend money on a lot of tests. What follows is an overview of female fertility testing costs at a number of different private clinics throughout the UK. Be aware that not all the tests available are listed here, because some tests are given to all women, and others are used only in certain circumstances.

All the clinics we've looked at are essentially private businesses that have the right to set and change their prices at the level they deem appropriate. If you're considering private fertility testing, you should contact your intended clinic directly and ask for their price information.


Fertility clinics are obliged to test women for certain pathogens before they can try to help them get pregnant - the Glasgow clinic we looked at is no exception.

£110 was the price of a combined test package for HIV, and Hepatitis B and C at this clinic.

Other pre-treatment testing costs included:

£185 for an ovarian potential assessment

£40 for combined hormone blood test (testing levels of the hormones FSH, LH, Progesterone, Prolactin and Testosterone, among others)

£80 for a cervical smear test (but not all women need this)

£40 for a Chlamydia test (only in some cases)


Moving on down to London, we found a clinic with a slightly different method of pricing. Many of the tests available in packages at the Glasgow clinic are priced separately at the clinic in London. The clinic does, however, provide test packages which may contain more tests than you actually need, but cost less than taking all the individual tests separately.

Hormone tests were priced as follows:

FSH - £28

LH - £27

Prolactin - £27

Tests for pathogens cost the following:

HIV - £29

Hep B - £54

Tests for STIs included:

£53 for a Chlamydia urine test

And a cervical smear costs £39 (less than half the price at the clinic in Glasgow)

At this clinic, you can purchase a full initial fertility consultation, which includes a pelvic scan, for £295.


In Wolverhampton there is a clinic which offers many of the tests mentioned above, some of them at a MUCH higher price than the other two private fertility clinics. For example, at this clinic you would pay:

£175 for a cervical smear

£280 for STI screening

£135 to be tested for HIV, Hepatitis B and C

£120 to have your levels of FSH and LH tested

£115 for a Prolactin test

And £165 for a pelvic scan

On the other hand, the same clinic offers a full fertility diagnosis package, including many of the tests listed above and a semen analysis for the male partner, for £985.

The Verdict

It's clear that the costs of fertility testing for women vary greatly from clinic to clinic. When considering private fertility treatment, it's best to shop around - but bear in mind the cost (and the stress) of travel if you pick a clinic further from your home in order to avail of its lower prices.