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Maternal Smoking Affects Fertility Of Daughters Too

Posted on Tue Nov 27, 2007

A study published in the online Journal of Clinical Investigation concluded last month that mothers who smoke before, during and after pregnancy affect their daughters' future fertility. According to Andrea Jurisicova, the lead researcher, maternal smoking during pregnancy can lead to a wide range of complications including low birth weight, placental problems and premature birth.

To explain the link between smoking and impaired fertility, researchers injected female mice with environmental toxins found in cigarette smoke prior to their pregnancies and after their deliveries. The study revealed that the female offspring had about two-thirds fewer ovarian follicles that contained fewer eggs and therefore, had fewer chances of conceiving.

According to another study published earlier this month, maternal smoking is also known to affect sons. Sons born to mothers who smoked during their pregnancies produced lower levels of a DHH gene that promotes testicular growth. This means the boys would have smaller testicles, a lower sperm count and a reduced future fertility.

Source: CBC News

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