STDs? Not Me! Well, Maybe?

If you're having trouble getting pregnant, it's possible that you have an STD. This may come as a shock to many women, but it's very important to look into the possibility that someone gave you an STD and that it is keeping you from the baby that you dream of conceiving. It's even more possible that this STD could cause further harm to you, and your chances of conception, if you don't seek the help that you need soon. The potential consequences should outweigh any embarrassment that you might feel about seeking help.

Female Infertility from an STD

STDs don't always show up with symptoms. This is actually one of the tricky things about an STD, because, particularly in women, they can go untreated and unidentified for quite awhile. Some STDs that continue to be untreated can cause infections of the reproductive organs. PID, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, for instance, causes scars to develop on the fallopian tubes. This can make it very difficult to become pregnant and cause infertility.

Male Infertility from an STD

Men can also have trouble getting their partner pregnant as a result of an STD. For instance, each year, 500,000 men develop Epididymitis from an STD. This causes an inflammation of the vessels that need to move the semen from the testicles. It can end up blocking the vessels and rendering the man infertile.

STDs to Watch For

If you have had multiple partners, and have had unprotected sex, you should be tested for STDs. There are certainly a number of STDs that are known to cause fertility issues more than others. Chlamydia affects millions of people each year. It can lead to PID if it is left untreated and can be found in vaginal fluid and in semen. Gonorrhea can also lead to PID and to infertility. HIV is life threatening and should certainly be identified before trying to conceive. Trichomonioasis is another STD that can create infertility when the fallopian tubes swell.

Get Help Now

If you are experiencing infertility, or you are hoping to conceive sometime soon, you should get yourself and your partner tested for STDs. You might just find that you have a highly treatable condition that can be cleared up easily. Similarly, if you leave the STD untreated, it can create even more issues in your system, and decrease your chances of conceiving now or in the future. Hopefully, dealing with these issues will help you to be able to conceive and carry a beautiful child.