Male Infertility Causes

It's Not Just Women

Infertility used to be considered a woman's issue and consequently most of the testing and treatment has been focused on women. However, in recent years fertility specialists have recognized that male problems should be considered as well when couples are not successful in their efforts to conceive. Today, given the impact of environmental effects on both men and women coupled with lifestyle, chronic illness and stress, men are as susceptible to fertility issues as women.

The primary physiological problems associated with male infertility are the development of poor quality sperm and reduced or in some cases, absence of sperm, in a man.

The Reasons Are Myriad

Male infertility can be attributed to any number of disorders which have to be determined by a medical professional through testing. As it turns out, many men who want to conceive with their partners may have to take some type of male infertility test. The reasons for this are many and varied. Men who have had a vasectomy and want to have it reversed may experience problems. Varicocele is a swelling in the veins in the spermatic cord of the scrotum which, while not painful, can affect fertility. Surgery is required to correct this situation and sometimes the damage is difficult to repair.

Low Sperm Count

Quantity and quality of sperm is reduced with age and genetic defects can also affect semen quality. Then there are the common problems associated with low sperm count such as emotional stress which interferes with the GnRH hormone in men. In nearly 1% of all cases of male infertility, impotence and premature ejaculation are the result of relationship problems.

Too Much Heat

Testicular overheating which can be caused by saunas, fever, hot tubs, restrictive clothing, and more recently discovered, lap tops, temporarily cause a poorer quality of sperm and are considered a cause of male infertility. Chronic illnesses like diabetes and lifestyle choices such as smoking, alcohol, drugs and nutrient deficiency as a result of poor diet are also cited along with obesity as causes for male infertility.

Complex Issues Require Time and Patience

Since the fertility/infertility issue in men is so complex, a wide variety of tests are needed to ascertain the cause and to come up with a conclusion and treatment. It is important that the issue of male infertility is addressed by both the man and his partner - who is his main source of support and encouragement. Overall, male infertility can be detected and treated effectively and will require some patience and a good attitude to see the problem through to a successful conclusion.